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Jul 16th, 2013 How Digital X-Rays Can Work For You In Central London Get in touch

1950426_sWith better technology come greatly improved treatments: since the computer and lasers first entered dental surgeries all through central London, they have massively refined all procedures that dentists offer. But it’s not just all of these treatments that have benefited; back-up equipment too has improved and when everything is used together, you, the patient are the winner. One area that has been advanced is x-raying; this is an essential part of dentistry as it can determine levels of decay or gum disease in the teeth and mouth. Today however, it has gone digital and though it takes pictures in a similar way to its predecessor, it uses far lees radiation. Once the x-ray has been taken, it is on a computer screen in seconds so now, an instant diagnosis can be made and a few minutes later, the dentist can get straight to work on you; if the work is complex and the dentist needs to refer you to a specialist, then the x-ray can be sent over in an e-mail in seconds to be looked at. All of your x-rays can be stored on the computer and if they are required in the future for cross referencing, they can be retrieved at the touch of a button.

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