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Jan 1st, 2014 How Flossing betters your Oral Health in London Get in touch

357249_blogThere are many ways you can care for your teeth and gums in London, and back-up all the good work that you do with your toothbrush- flossing before brushing is one of the best. Your brushing is fine but it fails to get into those nitty-gritty areas where food tends to get stuck- between the teeth and up around the gums. Now floss is very cheap to buy, so there is no excuse for not buying various different types of it and practising until you settle on the one that will work best for you. It can be a bit of issue at first to get the use of it right, but persevere, because you will be giving Christmas to your teeth each day by getting this correct. Top-tip: stand in front of the mirror and then string the floss between your hands and watch as you learn to work it between your teeth and then into the gum-line; practise this over and over until you can do it with the lights out. This sort of support to your regular cleaning each day will help to prevent the build up of bacteria and plaque affecting the enamel of your teeth and if your fit this in after every meal, you will be giving your mouth the best chance of oral freedom for the rest of your life

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