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Aug 1st, 2013 How Flossing helps you with your Oral Health in London W1 Get in touch

364999_blogThere are a lot of things involved in caring for your oral health in London W1; it is a complex procedure that involves your diet, your dentist and how you clean your teeth each day. In the mix somewhere though, you must include the art of flossing. Okay, so a toothbrush is good for removing stuff from the surfaces of your teeth, but in the scheme of things, it is big and clumsy and won’t get to places where food and bacteria lurk, but flossing can and if you master the technique of using it between your fingers, and working it between your teeth and around your gums, you can remove the evil that hides within. This will help to prevent the build up of bacteria that lead to plaque, tartar and then to more hideous things like tooth decay and gum disease. Find floss that suits you and then ensure you always use it after eating- practising in front of the mirror is a good way of getting your technique right at first.

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