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Jan 23rd, 2014 How Herbal Remedies can nip the baddies in the bud in London Get in touch

4244118_blogGum disease is a very nasty threat to your mouth and body and it isn’t an easy thing to shake off; you will have to work hard in London to stop it in its tracks. The early signs are weeping and bleeding gums, and though you can enlist the help of your dentist, it will be down to you to do the leg-work at home and one of the best ways to tackle gum disease is to use herbal remedies; incorporating these into your daily oral hygiene can work wonders. For a start, stop smoking and begin rinsing with salty water, as it will stop the bleeding, but go further than this. This disease inflames the gums and over-heats them, but there are a range of herbs that you can use to calm the gums down. Rinsing with green tea, camomile, ginseng and peppermint tea will help here. Tea tree oil, Echinacea, aloe vera, turmeric and clove oil can be incorporated into your toothbrush and dental floss, plus if you massage your gums with these herbs, they will improve blood flow and take the heat out of your gums. Using these principles can even help to reverse this disease. It will only help your oral health in the future, so find out all you can about these products.

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