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Apr 9th, 2013 How Implants can make you smile again in Central London Get in touch

The idea of having a dental implant fitted can still sound like a major operation for most people in central London, and in a way quite gruesome and time consuming, especially the healing process. Well, at one time it was, but not anymore, thanks to the introduction of laser and computers into dental surgeries. The core of the principle behind this treatment is to have a titanium rod planted into the jawbone- that has never changed but it is the method and ease with which it is done today that has made this treatment as quick as any other that you will find at the dentists. Pin-point surgery can have an implant in your mouth in 30 minutes and because there is very little damage done to the surrounding gum tissue by the laser, healing is quick. The ease of carrying out this treatment and how widespread it has become has seen the prices drop dramatically; it still isn’t cheap mind, but it is the most amazing way to aid the problem of tooth loss and it rushes to the aid of denture wearers, those who need bridges, or those who have lost a tooth or two. Ask your dentist about this treatment because and implant, when fitted will be trouble free, in for life and give you total oral freedom.


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