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May 13th, 2014 How Long Does It Take To Get The Perfect Smile? Just Six Months. Get in touch

4541412_blogMany of our patients are shocked to discover that they can get a perfect smile in just six months. In the past, orthodontic patients faced treatment times of at least 12 months, but major developments in the field of Orthodontics have lead to the creation of a host of innovative new treatments, including 6 Month Smiles, which produces incredible results in no time at all!

How does 6 Month Smiles work so fast?

6 Month Smiles is a fixed brace treatment, which promises amazing results in half the time of traditional braces. Treatment is so much quicker because the braces concentrate on the front teeth and utilise the latest technology to accelerate the movement of the teeth. This technology, known as self-ligating technology, also reduces the risk of discomfort caused by friction and pressure.

By focusing all the attention of the front teeth, 6 Month Smiles works much faster and prevents patients with less complex needs from undergoing treatment that is unnecessary.

Who is a good match for 6 Month Smiles?

This treatment is ideally suited to patients with minor or moderate orthodontic issues that affect the front teeth, known as the social 6. Examples may include mild crowding, spaces between the front teeth or crooked front teeth.

As treatment time is so short, this is a popular choice for patients who don’t want to hang around and wait for their new smiles; we often recommend this treatment for couples preparing to get married, for example.

Benefits of 6 Month Smile treatment

In addition to speedy treatment, 6 Month Smiles also offers comfort and discretion. These braces have clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires and they are much less obvious than conventional fixed braces. The technology also helps to eliminate pain and the braces are small and fine, which makes them easier to keep clean.

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