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Feb 28th, 2018 How Mini Dental Implants Can Restore Smiles Rapidly Get in touch

Dental implants have made waves in the world of dentistry. Implants are prostheses, which are designed to act as a substitute for a lost tooth root. Once an implant is in place, it can be attached to a bridge, a denture or a crown to create a brand new, healthy-looking tooth. Implants are suitable for a wide range of patients, but traditional implants are not always the best choice. If you’ve been advised against conventional implants, mini implants may provide a solution for your smile.

About mini implants

Mini implants, as you may have guessed from the name, are smaller versions of traditional dental implants. As they are smaller, they are easier to tolerate, and this often makes them a viable option for patients who don’t have strong, dense bone tissue in the jaw. With mini implants, you can enjoy the benefits of implant treatment without undergoing bone grafting. Another advantage of mini implants is that treatment is much faster. Often, the new teeth can be placed at the same time as the implants. Mini implants are usually fitted under local anaesthetic or sedation. The procedure is also less invasive, as the implants are smaller.

Are mini implants a good option for me?

If you’re considering dental implants, but traditional implants aren’t necessarily suitable due to a lack of dense tissue in the jaw bone, mini implants may be beneficial for you. Mini implants create natural looking, healthy and functional smiles that will last for many years to come and we can often produce results rapidly.

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