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Sep 22nd, 2011 How Poor Sleep can hurt your Heart in the City of London Get in touch

You’d like to think that when you go to sleep at night along with the rest of the city of London, you are resting your body. Well that’s not quite the case, especially if you are obese, smoke and drink a lot, have an awful diet and poor oral hygiene. When the body sleeps, the automated services take over to regulate your breathing and the way your body pumps blood around your system, namely the lungs, heart and brain. If one of these starts to flounder for some reason, so do the other two. The way you breathe is imperative but sometimes, you can stop breathing and this throw the organs into confusion and if it happens it can put strain on the heart to keep the blood pumping; it can also pull you from a deep sleep to a shallow one causing the effects of drowsiness the next day as if you’ve had no sleep at all – this is sleep apnea and it’s a killer for the heart. You may be blissfully ignorant at first but when you wake, generally exhausted and maybe with headaches, but the oxygen in your blood will be low and this will still be a problem as you start the day when you find yourself tired and irritable. People who have suffered from heart and neurological problems are particularly at risk as the important factor that keep your body automated at night have been damaged in some way, blocking the natural flow between the heart lungs and brain.

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