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May 3rd, 2013 How prim and proper Porcelain Veneers prop up Central London Get in touch

There may well come a time in your life where age gets the better of the way you look and in this equation, your teeth may start to look weary, which will affect the way you smile and how you exude confidence whenever you talk to someone. Whitening your teeth is good, but it won’t cover up those obvious receding gums, gaps, chips or how your teeth can get worn down over time- but having porcelain veneers fitted will cover up all of these evils and restore your smile to how it once was. Pop along to your dentist in central London and ask about this treatment: it’s painless, very quick if you go down the CEREC route- an hour and it will give incredible results. Your teeth are prepped first by having the original enamel removed so that casts can be made in order to make the veneers. Once done, they are simply cemented onto your teeth and then polished up. If you need any idea how these will compliment your mouth, just think how beautiful a material porcelain is and how it is the closest you can get to mirroring the natural enamel of your teeth. These veneers will hide away all the horrors of ageing and leave you with a priceless smile at the end of the treatment.


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