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Apr 18th, 2011 How Products can Give You Bad Breath in Central London Get in touch

Bad breath can be attributed to many things in central London, but one of the major factors behind the problem is a dry mouth, primarily caused by the breakdown of saliva in the mouth. This may be down to medication, diet, smoking and drinking. A build up of bacteria, tooth decay and gum disease can also contribute to pungent smells. With that in mind, we turn to oral products to keep our mouths healthy and fresh. So it may come as a bit of a surprise that some products on the market, actually add to the problem of bad breath. Most mouthwashes are alcohol based, and though in the beginning, they can kill germs and mask foul odours, the alcohol stays in the mouth and will go off, unless rinsed out with water. Certain toothpastes too have the reverse, desired affect. Some contain bleaching chemicals and sodas that tend to dry out the mouth, allowing bacteria to grow around the teeth and gums. Although all of these products are good at what they do, you need to have counter measures in place to prevent the mouth from becoming dry, such as rinsing with and drinking lots of water after their use. Sugar free sweets can also stimulate the levels of saliva in the mouth to fight bad breath.

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