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Mar 7th, 2013 How Root Canal Treatment can save your teeth in London W1 Get in touch

Throughout your life in London W1, your teeth will be constantly under threat from blighters like plaque, very persistent and very destructive if it is allowed to get a hold in your mouth: acids and sugars from food and drink are also a bane. If they are not removed, they will start to attack the enamel that protects your teeth- the first stages of tooth decay. Soon, you may start to suffer from dental caries, however at this stage, you are still in shallow waters and it would be easy to treat with a filling. The real danger comes if this decay is allowed to advance further, because inevitably, the decay will find its way inside the tooth and infect the pulp and roots. Now you are in danger of losing your tooth and also sailing into the choppy waters of a tooth abscess. The only remedy now is to have root canal treatment. This involves removing everything from inside the tooth until it is a clean and disinfected shell; this can be done easily with laser surgery and contrary to what you may have heard, quite painless. Now, with all of the infected stuff gone, the tooth can be filled again and you should get quite a few decades of extra service from it. In severe cases where the tooth has been badly damaged, its reconstruction may include the fitting of a crown.


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