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Dec 26th, 2013 How the City of London can die in its sleep through Heart Failure- Apnea Get in touch

4443553_blogThere are some people that say that dying in your sleep is probably the best way to go in the city of London. However, you don’t need to bring it on prematurely, and sleep apnea can kill you off over time. The people most at risk from this condition are those with obesity, heavily medicated, heavy drinkers and smokers, people that have had issues with their nervous system and those who are heavily stressed. What happens when you sleep is your body becomes automated: your lungs, your heart and your brain work in unison and rely on one thing- oxygen, and this comes in through the mouth and nose. The air feeds the lungs, feeds the brain and feeds the heart through the blood being pumped around your system. If the airways and signals through your body are stunted in any way, stress is put upon all of your vital organs during the night and they struggle to accommodate with the pressure; over a long period of time, your heart will simply stop trying to fight against this and give up the ghost. You need to identify this as quickly as you can in order to get help quickly. It won’t be easy but get your dentist on board, as you can be supplied with devices to aid your breathing.

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