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Jan 6th, 2014 How the City of London cares for its Children’s Smiley Teeth Get in touch

2854360_blogKids are a handful aren’t they? There is so much to be aware of as they grow-up and develop in the city of London; seeing as you have decided to start a family however, your children will rely on you to be there for their health- as they no nothing of all this as they develop. One particular area you will definitely have to watch out for is their oral health, for your children will go through some very dramatic changes as they get older; you however do not have to do all of this on your own and if you set yourself up from day dot with a game plan, you should get them through all of this. First, you need to find a way of paying for what is to come, so get some payment plan or dental insurance sorted out from the off. When your child is born, get a paediatrician on board to monitor the development of your child’s teeth in the beginning and then once the first teeth have come through properly, get a dentist involved to keep an eye on these changing events to come. The next thing is when the secondary teeth begin to play their hand; this is a delicate transition as if it goes smoothly, you may just avoid orthodontic treatments in the future….but generally not, so you should be geared up for this as well. Of course this isn’t going to be easy for you but give it the best you can and hopefully your kids will repay the favour when they are older…hopefully!


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