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Sep 24th, 2013 How the over-use of Fluoride can cause Caries in Central London Get in touch

464425_blogThere is a great irony when it comes to the use of fluoride in the mouth in central London. It has always been considered to be the saviour of your teeth over the last 100 years or so- it helps to help mineralise the enamel in the teeth and give them strength; it if found everywhere in toothpastes and in the water that people drink. However, over the past 20 or so years, a lot of research has been done into it’s affect in the mouth and what is coming back out of this is not good. The over-use of fluoride can actually have detrimental affects on the surfaces of the teeth and cause small yellow marks to form and then, the bacteria from food, drinks and sweets makes a concerted attack directly on these little spots and then caries will start to form- eating away gently at the surfaces of the teeth. Now you are embarking into the world of tooth decay and if you don’t do anything about it, you could be putting your oral health at risk. Do your research with your dentist and online about the ‘joys’ of fluoride and then make your own informed decisions about it- it isn’t all that is cracked up to be.

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