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Mar 23rd, 2012 How to Become a Dentist in London W1 Get in touch

iStock_000005833734SmallSo, ever thought about becoming a London W1 dentist? Well whatever a patient thinks of dentists, it is an incredibly important profession and as most dentists themselves would say, it is an incredibly rewarding job.

However, dentistry isn’t the easiest of things to get into, especially at the university stage. It starts at school and relies on you passing your initial exams with good grades. Then it’s on to the correct A-levels. Do well here and you have a fighting chance of going to university.

University is the stage when it becomes difficult, as competition for places is fierce, but if you get through the interview, then you start learning the trade in earnest for the next five years. During this time, you will learn all things dental from phobias, drilling and extractions to cosmetic dentistry involving implants and the fitting of bridges.

As you progress, you may well feel you would like to specialize in a certain field, like cosmetics, Endodontics or orthodontics but once through the five years, you can then start for real in a placement role.

You will never stop learning in dentistry, as new techniques or treatment come along every week, but it is a fabulous line of work to be in. The money is great for a start, but it can be very fulfilling caring for people’s teeth and gums, watching children teeth grow healthily before your eyes because of you, and over time you feel that you become part of the community.

Also remember, it is something you can practice anywhere in the world, if you fancy becoming an international dentist.

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