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Jan 6th, 2012 How to eat for the sake of your Teeth in the City of London Get in touch


One of the ways you can ensure that you care for your teeth in the city of London is to be aware of what food you are putting into your mouth. For a start, having a good, strong and healthy diet will help to give your immune system support and this will in turn, reflect in the way your teeth grow, in essence, good food equals good teeth. But on the front line that is your mouth itself, certain foods can have more harmful affects on your teeth than others. Citrus fruit juices, although good for your body, can be very acidic on the teeth and burn into the enamel. Stodgy, high-starched foods such as potatoes and other root vegetables adhere strongly in and around the teeth and if not removed, can soon start releasing acids that help the build up of plaque. It is also the same for sugar based foods and drinks and too much of these can lead quickly to tooth decay. You need to find the perfect balance between what you eat and then how you clean your teeth and gums afterwards to ensure these bacteria do not get a foothold in your mouth. A good cup of black or green tea after a meal will help to neutralise the bacteria that forms plaque, as does cranberry juice which also strengthens your gums. It is all about being sensible and no-one is suggesting you can’t have a blow out with a fine curry or a Chinese, but if you know what you are eating, you can tailor your cleaning to remove the residue of such foods with the right techniques.

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