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Jun 5th, 2013 How to enjoy CEREC in London W1 Get in touch

There is something very magical abut the way that modern dentistry cares for people these days and pampers to the individual needs of everyone in a modern and fast moving world. Yet just when you think these magicians have come up with everything, something better comes along. London W1 is a fast moving metropolis, so finding time to get your teeth patched up may be hard and needs to be planned well, which is where CEREC takes a bow. Now, although this treatment has been around for some years now, it caters perfectly to people who have time issues in the modern world. It is system that can fix you up with crowns, veneers and even a bridge in about an hour- before it could be weeks before you were done. All it takes is for you to sit in a chair and have images taken of the problem area which are sent straight into a computer programme to design your new part. Now it gets really good, because the design is sent into an automated machine and the part made is around 10 minutes. Then it needs fitting, but if there is a problem with how it fits and doesn’t sit right, it can be rectified very fast on the spot, saving you endless time and allow you to get on with whatever you do for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge that your smile will be intact- how good is that?


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