Jan 25th, 2013 How To Get Dermal Fillers In Central London Get in touch

No one likes getting older in central London, but neither do you have to watch your face grow older with lines either. Dentists have realised that they have the tools to hand to work outside of the mouth and so can offer you a solution to your ageing problems by offering you a dermal filler, which involves an injection to your wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. This acid is one of the bodies own and once under the skin, it attracts fluids to the craggy areas and plumps out the lines, giving the appearance of a more youthful look. The filler will smooth away wrinkles all over the face, reshape contours on the chin, around the nose and eyes and even invigorate the lips. This leaves a very natural look and unlike botox, it doesn’t impair facial expressions at all. The process is easy and painless to do and takes about 30 minutes. The finished look will be staggeringly good and each injection will last you about 9 months before you need a top-up, though it will cost around £300 a session. The price of looking young eh?

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