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Dec 19th, 2014 How to Prevent Dental Decay Over the Christmas Period! Get in touch

3884462_blogThe risk of decay is all around, and this Christmas no doubt the drinks are flowing and many of us are looking forward to treating ourselves to lots of sweet delicacies and savoury delights. While we don’t wish to put a Scrooge-style dampener on Christmas, we do encourage our patients to take a minute to remember their teeth and gums this festive period and try their best to keep decay at bay.

Preventing decay at Christmas

Christmas is a time for letting your hair down and allowing yourself a few treats, but it’s worth keeping your health in mind. Drink in moderation, eat to savour amazing tastes and flavours, rather than to make yourself feel sick with indulgence and remember to look after yourself. Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated and take 5 minutes each day to care for your teeth and gums.

Christmas is a particularly hazardous time of year for your mouth, as many of the seasonal best-sellers are packed with sugar; however, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of decay and ensure you don’t spend your holidays nursing toothache. With diet and oral health, it’s often about eating habits, rather than what you actually eat and you can reduce your risk of dental damage by eating at mealtimes only. If you’re one of those people who like to graze throughout the day on nuts, crisps, buffet food and chocolates, try your best to avoid doing that this year and stick to main meals. When you eat, your enamel comes under attack from acids and it takes time for it to recover and harden.If you eat constantly, this means that your enamel is under persistent attack and the risk of decay is much higher.

Other ways of reducing your sugar intake include choosing sugar-free drinks and diluting fruit drinks, sticking to diet mixers and reducing portion sizes.

Good oral hygiene is also essential during the festive period, so don’t forget to spend 2 minutes every morning and evening brushing and flossing.

If you’re due a dental check-up, now is the perfect time to call and book before Christmas.

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