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Apr 5th, 2010 How to prevent heart disease through oral hygiene by a City of London dentist Get in touch

It isn’t generally well known that heart disease has, through recent research, been linked to bad oral hygiene says a City of London dentist. The extensive research, which is a cause of great discussion amongst professionals, has shown that the oral bacteria that causes gum diseases such as Gingivitis has been linked to blood platelet problems. This problem is a known cause of heart disease and other blood related malfunctions in the production of new blood cells. The bacteria is thought to enter the blood system through cuts and abrasions in the mouth, these are generally caused by infected gums that are damaged through rough brushing. In the same way that blood can carry the Hepatitis strain from person to person, oral bacteria infects the blood and attaches itself to the platelets, these platelets then mutate and infect the vital organs that they feed. The immune system eventually adjusts itself to fight off the infection, but in a lot of cases damage was noticed in patients before this happens. It is now vital that we all take more care of our oral hygiene to prevent not just gum disease, but our other vital organs such as the heart. If you are not too familiar with what constitutes as good oral hygiene, then a visit to the hygiene nurse at your dental practice is a must do for 2010. A simple regime will go a long way to eliminating gum disease, which by the way is incurable, if you already have a gum disease then it is important that you learn to brush and floss without cutting the infected flesh of the gums. Regular oral hygiene will not only keep your mouth healthy, but now it seems it will keep your heart healthy as well.

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