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Jul 28th, 2015 How to Protect Your Teeth During Sporty Activities Get in touch

373639_blogThere are so many benefits to be gained from participating in sports activities on a regular basis, but we strongly advise taking steps to protect your teeth and reduce your risk of sustaining dental injuries. Many sports carry a risk of injury, but wearing a specially designed mouth guard can help to ensure you reap all the rewards without any pain or hassle.

About mouth guards

Mouth guards are custom-designed moulds made from plastic. They are designed to sit in the mouth when you play sport and serve to create a protective barrier between the teeth and potential hazards such as other people, hard surfaces and objects such as balls, rackets and sticks.

We strongly recommend visiting a dentist to get a mouth guard made. Dentists offer custom-fit gum shields specifically designed for the individual. They offer longevity and durability as they are made from high quality materials. Bespoke mouth guards are much more comfortable than regular mouth guards that you mould yourself and they last a lot longer.

The importance of wearing a mouth guard

You should really consider wearing a mouth guard if you are participating in contact or fighting sports as a means of reducing your risk of suffering a dental injury such as dental fractures, chipped teeth, jaw and gum injuries and dislodged teeth (also known as avulsion).

Who should wear a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are highly recommended for a number of sports, including:

  • wrestling
  • fighting and combat sports
  • rugby union
  • rugby league
  • hockey
  • ice hockey
  • martial arts

How can I get a custom-made mouth guard?

If you are interested in a custom-made mouth guard, simply call and book an appointment. The process is very quick and simple and involves creating a putty mould of the teeth, which is then converted into a bespoke mouth guard by highly skilled dental technicians. The procedure to create a mouth guard is fairly quick and we should have your new guard ready and waiting within two weeks.

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