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Apr 23rd, 2011 How to stop grinding your Teeth in London’s W1 Get in touch

Bruxism, or teeth grinding in London W1, affects more of us than we actually realise. For all the joys of living in the city, it can come at a cost, one of which is stress- one of the main causes of teeth grinding. Having an angry temperament doesn’t help either, but if you live alone, it may be difficult to recognise you may have a problem in the first place, because in the majority of case, teeth grinding is more prevalent during sleeping. The first sign is an aching jaw and ringing in the ears- you may also suffer some discomfort during eating. Once you recognise these, you should consult your dentist. Initially, you may be prescribed a mouth guard or splint, but all this does is protect your teeth from breaking down. Really, the problem is a lot deeper and more psychological. To treat it, requires some form of therapy to isolate the fact you have a problem and then to address such things as stress and anger with a management programme. This will also teach you how to relax more when your working day is over by incorporating certain sedation and relaxation techniques to unwind to before you go to sleep. Herbal oils, aroma therapy, hot baths, music and reading come into their own at this stage of the day and calm the body down. It’s also important during the treatment to avoid caffeine based drinks and situations that will raise the heart rate and increase stress; also to change the way you approach the day as well.

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