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Oct 18th, 2012 How to Straighten your Teeth in the City of London Get in touch

There comes a time in for a lot of people living in the city of London, when they have to have their teeth straightened and with that comes a lot of worry about the way they will look and how long it will take- some just see a mouthful of wire for the next three years. But that isn’t the case, as it is usually these people that don’t realize what incredible choice there is when it comes to braces and aligners today. Serious correction of the teeth will take a long time and yes, those traditional, ugly fixed braces may be the only way to get the job done- but it will be done with precision, which is the advantage of this treatment. However, braces and aligners have advanced tremendously over the years. Fixed braces like the 6 months brace and the Damon work fast, whilst using materials that are discreet when you smile. But it is the world of the removable aligner that has taken teeth correction to new heights. Yes, removable and this means that your teeth are easy to keep clean throughout the treatment. However there is a gadget for all occasions: the Inman aligner is such a unique device, working only on your front teeth, but it does so in a little as 6 weeks! Then, there is Invisalign, again fast in comparison, but being made from a clear plastic, it is difficult to spot anyone wearing it at all- it’s almost invisible!! So before anyone panics, you should shop around and find the one that will do the job, but do it with the minimum of fuss as well.

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