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Apr 12th, 2012 How We are Fixing Teeth Grinding in the City of London Get in touch

3534882_blogThere are times when traffic woes in the city of London make us grind our teeth with sheer frustration. Dentists however, place teeth grinding in a different sphere altogether, as for them it is the sign of an underlying oral health problem.

Children as well as adults grind their teeth. The primary cause for teeth grinding in children is malnutrition, stress and the presence of worms. In the case of adults it is often caused by stress and anxiety. A wrong bite as well as missing teeth can cause this. It usually happens when we are asleep, with the majority being unaware that is even happening. The tell tale sign is often a dull headache or a sore jaw. Chronic teeth grinding can severely damage a person’s teeth, which can fracture them, loosen them from their sockets or even result in missing teeth. Besides affecting the teeth, teeth grinding can also impact the jaw, lead to hearing problems and change the aesthetics of your face.

There are steps you can take to reduce and even stop teeth grinding. If it is stress that is causing your tooth grinding problems, a dentist can suggest various solutions to lessen this. Stress counselling, exercising, and mouth guards are just some of the treatments available.

A change in diet also helps and you should lessen the intake of foods and drinks that contain caffeine. Cola, coffee and chocolates top the list here. Avoid chewing on gum or on the stubs of pens of pencils, as that makes you jaw muscles become accustomed to clenching, which makes you more likely to suffer from bruxism.

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