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Oct 31st, 2017 How We Can Make and Fit Your Crown On the Same Day Get in touch

If you’ve damaged your tooth and you need a new crown, you may think that you need to wait a few weeks, but you’d be wrong! Thanks to advanced technology, we can make and fit brand new, bespoke crowns in just one day.

About Cerec

Cerec is a revolutionary form of dental technology, which has changed the way we restore the teeth. Cerec enables us to fabricate and fit brand new crowns on the same day, so there’s no need to wait around or put up with temporary measures.

Cerec takes care of all aspects of restorative treatment and we can do everything on-site. Traditionally, we would need two appointments to fit a crown. During the first session, the tooth would be prepared, an impression would be made and then it would be sent away to a laboratory. The new crown would be returned around 2 weeks later and during the second session, we would fit and secure the new restoration. With Cerec, we only need one appointment, as this amazing technology designs and makes the new crown on-site.

What does treatment involve?

Rather than making a putty mould of the tooth, we use a camera to capture images of the tooth, which are converted into 3D designs by Cerec. These designs are used to form the template of the crown and they are sent to the on-site milling machine, which fabricates the custom-made crown in minutes. Your dentist can then fit your crown and you can check out your beautiful new tooth.

What are the advantages of Cerec?

The most obvious benefit is the speed of treatment. A process that takes two weeks can be completed in one day and patients only need to arrange a single appointment. There’s also no need for putty impressions or temporary crowns and the process is more accurate.

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