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Jan 22nd, 2014 How your Mouth impacts on you Body in London W1 Get in touch

302075_blogYou aim to keep your body strong and healthy each day in London W1; exercise and a strong balanced diet will help you to keep you ticking over nicely. This will support your immune system which in turn will help to care for other areas in your body- like your mouth, as it will help promote saliva levels. But just as what goes on in your body impacts on your mouth, it’s the same in reverse; keeping your mouth healthy is imperative to your overall health because if things go wrong, it will have a knock on affect throughout you. The reason you maintain your oral health is to avoid disease and decay setting in. If you suffer from gum disease, it is bad enough that it threatens your gums and put you at risk from tooth loss, but whilst this is all going on, this disease spreads poisons into the bloodstream which are then planted into the heart and other organs; the result is that they too will become diseased and fail. Tooth decay can lead to the outbreak of an abscess: this is a highly dangerous condition because again, it releases toxins into the blood and these are carried into the brain: it can induce a state of coma and in some cases, be fatal. The third part of this nasty equation is teeth grinding: it will wreck your teeth for sure, but it will do damage to your jaws, cause problems throughout the head, and could damage your neck, your upper back and affect your central nervous system. Do your best to look after your oral health and you will avoid such issues throughout your body.

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