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Oct 31st, 2014 Hygiene Tips To Banish That Demon London Stench Get in touch

459343_blogNothing makes you feel more self-conscious than bad breath. If you suffer from horrible halitosis, we can help. Our hygienists and dentists are highly trained in the treatment of bad breath and they will soon restore your confidence and banish bad breath for good.

Bad breath causes

Many people suffer from bad breath, usually in the mornings and after eating certain foods, but if you have persistent bad breath, this is probably a sign of hygiene issues, which have resulted in a build-up of bacteria in the mouth. When you avoid brushing your teeth, bacteria multiply and when they feed, they release gases, which give your breath an unpleasant odour. Smoking and taking some types of medicine can also contribute to bad breath.

Fighting bad breath in Central London

If you have a bad breath, we have a hit squad ready and waiting to fight harmful bacteria and ensure your breath smells fresh and clean. Good oral hygiene is usually the best weapon against bacteria and our hygiene treatments and powerful cleaning services can help to blitz stubborn bacteria and freshen up your mouth. We recommend regular hygiene sessions in addition to frequent routine check-ups and a good oral hygiene plan at home.

If you find that you get bad breath after eating, we recommend chewing sugar-free gum after meals and avoiding triggers; for example, many people find that they suffer after eating spicy foods or raw onions.

If you’re battling bad breath and it’s affecting your day to day life, call us now! You don’t have to suffer in silence.

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