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Dec 3rd, 2012 Hygienic mouths in the City of London Get in touch

There are many ways that you can look after your teeth in the city of London in order to maintain impeccable dental hygiene. It is essential that after eating, any foodstuffs are removed from around the teeth and gums; otherwise, bacteria and acids will develop and cause tooth decay and possibly gum disease further down the line. Brushing with a suitable brush and paste will help to decrease the possibilities of this happening, especially pastes with fluoride, as this help to strengthen and re-mineralise the enamel of the teeth: inter-dental brushes, dental floss and mouth-washes will further help to reduce the chances of plaque developing; chewing gum can also help remove acids from the teeth as well as maintaining good saliva levels in the mouth. Then of course, the dentist is always there to jump in and save you if things go awry: dentists recommend that you should allow them or a hygienist to clean your teeth properly at least twice a year to get at the things that you may have missed at home through, by scaling and polishing your teeth. If you are having severe problems with your oral hygiene at home, you are also in the position to get your dentist to fit you with dental sealants that will cover the teeth that you chew on and hence stop acids building up on the surfaces.

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