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Oct 16th, 2012 Identifying a Dental Emergency in Central London Get in touch

It is quite easy to panic should something go awry in your mouth, which is why you should read up on dental emergencies and be able to identify what is serious, what isn’t and then take the relevant course of action. One thing is for sure, you are lucky in a sense living in Central London because you are never far away from an 24 hour emergency dental surgery. Some of these places will also take the dental insurance you may have as payment- again you should always do your homework on this front so that you are prepared. There are also hospitals that run 24 hour dental surgeries dotted throughout the city: in both cases, it would be wise to have their numbers at hand. Emergencies take many on different guises- the more serious ones are the loss of a tooth or an abscess and in these cases, time is of the essence so they really need attending to immediately. Injuries to the teeth and gums should also be seen as soon as possible to prevent further complications arising from infection. Tooth aches can be painful, but in most cases, they can be contained by taking painkillers until you can be seen by your dentist. Other ’emergencies’ tend to be minor. If a filling falls out or you lose a crown or a veneer, these are definitely not high priority and your dentist will not be in the best of moods if you phone at four in the morning about this. Emergencies of all types should never be underestimated, but neither should they be over-estimated either, and you should always try to be sensible when making decisions on what to do and having a phone number to call can be instrumental in this decision making.


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