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Nov 4th, 2011 Identifying the reasons behind Bad Breath in Central London Get in touch

It’s easy to be told that you suffer from bad breath, but solving this socially unacceptable problem in central London is not so easy. It can be caused by many problems but having it is a tricky thing to overcome and you are going to go to extreme limits to get over it. First the causes: heavy medication, awful diet, smoking, heavy alcohol abuse and appalling oral hygiene are the main strategists in this equation- gum disease and tooth decay also contribute to the situation. First thing to do is get your teeth fixed and all the problems sorted out first and this can only be done by your dentist. It may take a bit of effort, but you have to do it to give your mouth a cat in hell’s chance. Then you have to address the causes by giving your body a bit of a holiday and change the damn way you are going about things everyday- and make sure you up the hygiene too by using the money you have saved on stopping smoking and drinking to by the best products the market can throw at you and also put on that list some herbal goodies as well that will put the life back into your gums. But before you think that you are out of the woods, keep your mouth hydrated with water, and sugar-free gum and sweets. Don’t be scared to raise your fists to the problem, but don’t ignore the problem either, because bad breath is a hint that something even scarier is waiting for you just around the corner.

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