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Nov 26th, 2012 Identifying Tooth Discolouration in the City of London Get in touch

There are endless things that can go wrong with your teeth in the city of London-some serious and some not so (which is the category that discolouration falls under). But discolouration implies that things are going wrong and could lead to something more sinister happening on behind the scenes: bleaching or covering up the problem with veneers will immediately work, but it won’t stop the issue if the teeth have become discoloured for other reasons. Diet is big problem here as a poor one can lead to the teeth becoming stained- almost drained of life, as with calcium deficiency. Too much fluoride intake can also produce the same results. But the biggest players in causing your teeth to lose their whiteness are those that you inflict on your mouth on a daily basis. Certain foods and drinks are detrimental to the colour of your teeth if you constantly bombard the mouth with them- the biggest staining of all coming from smoking. Ageing can also get to the colour of your teeth over time. There is always a fix for discoloured teeth, but if you ask your dentist about how you can avoid the problems in the first place, you can save yourself money in the future.

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