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Aug 18th, 2014 If You Don’t Snooze You Lose Here In Central London Get in touch

A good night’s sleep is just what the doctor ordered. But what happens when you or your spouse suffers from a sleeping disorder which keeps every one awake at night? You get cranky. That’s not the only problem as research suggests that poor sleeping cycles and patterns contribute to a host of all kinds of wider health problems. If you come for an appointment here, we can help to shift that snoring monkey of your back once and for all.

Why are you likely to snore?

Obesity or regular alcohol overindulgence is a contributing factor when it comes to snoring, so it might be helpful to cut back on junk food, smoking and alcohol and see how you get on first. If your waistband has shortened however, and you still suffer from the snoring plight we have devices here at Aqua dental to ease your airways and leave you sleeping soundly.

Our anti-snoring devices are designed to help breathing function by lifting your lower jaw into place and opening the nasal passages. Most of the time snoring is a harmless and perfectly normal. It can become a nuisance however if it’s getting in the way of your work life and causing relationship problems.

So what are you waiting for? Pop down to central London for a consultation.

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