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Jul 18th, 2013 Igniting Your Smile In West London With Lumineers Get in touch

2904346_blogIf your teeth have rather gone off the rails of late and you are looking for a simple answer to clean up your smile, then give Lumineers a look. These are a fantastic way to hide away your horrors and leave you feeling special. These are an extremely thin little veneer made from specially formulated porcelain and when you see them in the flesh, it seems hard to believe what they can do. Your dentist will just give your teeth a polish and then take a couple of casts of your teeth; from these the Lumineers made and when they are ready to go, the dentist will give your teeth another clean and then glue them straight onto the surfaces of your teeth and into position. Unlike other veneers, this treatment can be reversed if need be, but when you see the results, you’ll want to ensure that that you keep these going all of the time. Being so thin, they have about a 10 year shelf life, but they are designed to be a quick fix, which you can throw away later on if you wish.

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