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Jul 17th, 2013 Illuminate Your Smile With Enlighten Tooth Whitening In London Get in touch

iStock_000000357577SmallEnlighten Tooth Whitening is one of those wonder treatments that comes along once in a lifetime in London, but it is not just a little special; even dental circles agree, it is very special. The cost for this is around £400, which some people may consider expensive in comparison to what you can by in the shops, but then you get what you pay for in this case. Once you have handed over the money, you will need to have your bleaching trays made up; this is done by your dentist, who’ll take a cast of your teeth. It is good that a dentist is involved because you can check-in if you are having problems. When you get your trays, you are given the kit and then you go home, and just before bedtime, you fill the trays up with bleach and pop them in- a process you repeat for the next two weeks: during this period, you must avoid smoking and staining foods, whilst ensuring you brush with whitening toothpaste. After the course, your dentist will give you the once over and your done. Now, it sounds nothing special so far, but just wait until you see the results- they will stagger you; your teeth will look awesome, better than anybody else’s around you…unless they’ve done the same!

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