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Oct 12th, 2011 Implants and a Healthy Smile in Central London Get in touch

So what would it take to put a smile back on your face again in central London after tooth loss? Money always helps as does finding a really good dentist and a good level of oral hygiene, but sometimes you can be a gentle master of your own disaster and all you have to do is be nonchalant about how you care for your teeth for just a few days and your teeth will be the unlucky recipient of your failings to look after yourself, but if you also happen to be unlucky to have lost a tooth through injury, it is important to consider sorting out the problem as quickly as you can so that the health of your mouth can flourish. Now, dental implants sound scary enough and some of the stories about the old ways of fitting a titanium root into the jaw-bone are frightening, let alone the price that it cost to have this procedure done. But we now live in a much cute-a-world that has taken to modern technology and the whole of the medical world has acknowledged the wonder of laser technology and the use of computers and this has filtered into dentistry. Having an implant is commonplace these days and because it has never been easier to do for dentists, the prices have fallen for what was once considered to be an elitist treatment

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