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Feb 4th, 2011 Improve your smile with dental veneers from London W1 dentists Get in touch

The ability to smile with ease can make social occasions so much easier. When you meet new people, a smile can relax them and make you seem confident. But if you have stained or chipped teeth you might be ashamed about showing off your smile in public. Thankfully dental veneers, available from London W1 dentists, can help with this and give you a beautiful mouth that you will want to show off.

Dental veneers are basically coverings that are fixed to the front of an unsightly tooth to improve its appearance. They are usually made from porcelain which is light weight but extremely hard wearing. Porcelain represents a great advance in dental veneer technology because they can be so thin. The thicker the veneer is the more of the existing tooth has to be removed to accommodate it. This means that the process was often irreversible. Modern dental veneers are so thin that nothing usually needs to be taken off.

What’s more, advances in dental surgery technology means that dental veneers can be fitted with incredible speed. It is now possible for dentists to take a single digital x-ray of the mouth, send the data to an online milling machine and then receive the dental veneer in about six minutes, ready to be fitted.

Your dentist will be able to match the veneer to your surrounding teeth in terms of texture and colour and you will have a great new look. They are so discreet that even your closest intimate won’t know that you have had a dental veneer installed.

The next time you visit your London W1 dentist ask them for more advice about dental veneers and what they can do to improve your smile.

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