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Apr 12th, 2013 In and out in a flash with the Inman Aligner in London W1 Get in touch

When it comes to getting your teeth straightened, especially if you are getting a tad, pardon the pun, a bit long in the tooth in London W1, you don’t really want to set sail on a lengthy treatment. However, those goofy front teeth of yours are still irritating you and have always held you back from freely expressing yourself- you may even be making up excuses in your own head for your behaviour in public…WELL STOP! Get this over and done with for once and for all. There is a device on the market that can have you up and running in just 6 weeks, yes you heard it here first, 6 weeks! The Inman aligner is a stroke of genius when it comes to the world of orthodontics, for it will pull those buck teeth back for you in next to no time. It works with the principle that if it loosens the teeth up enough, which will do with its incredible mechanism, then the teeth will be pulled into place quickly. It is also a removable aligner- another plus when if comes to oral hygiene. The treatment will come with a retainer, which you will have to wear to ensure your teeth don’t spring back out, but that is nothing- 6 weeks until freedom like you have only dreamed about…..go for it!


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