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Jun 5th, 2012 Increasing Oral Cancer Rates makes Visiting Your Local Dentist in London W1 Even More Important Get in touch

The last decade has seen an increase in the number of cases of oral cancer in the UK, the most common variant being known as ‘squamous cell carinonas’. It is vitally important that you are aware of the possible causes. Regular visits to your local dentist in London W1 are essential for spotting it early and receiving treatments. Oral cancer does not occur on teeth but in any soft tissue of the mouth, such as cheeks, tongue, gums, or roof of the mouth.

There are many factors that can lead to oral cancer, your local dentist will be able to tell you about all the possibilities. The most common cause of oral cancer is tobacco; up to 75% of cases are thought to be caused by it. Whether consumed through smoking or chewing, tobacco products release a very high number of carcinogens into the mouth and respiratory system, greatly increasing the chance of oral cancer. High levels of alcohol consumption also greatly affect rates of infection. The spread of human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection, is the likely cause of the increase in oral cancer rates. Poor dental hygiene is a serious cause of oral cancer in itself, as well as greatly worsening the odds of oral cancer when combined with the other factors.

It is very important that you regularly visit your local dentist for check-ups in order to check for signs of oral cancer and to check you are maintaining healthy oral hygiene. During check-ups dentists will not only check your teeth for other dental problems but inspect your mouth for any symptoms. If there is anything that needs further attention, your dentist will be able to advice you on the best course of action and offer you’re a referral to a consultant if it appears necessary.


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