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May 8th, 2013 Incredible CEREC in West London Get in touch

Modern dentistry has been improved over the years because of technology, but it has also got crafty because of the needs of its patients. West London can be a very demanding place to live and you have very little time to breath, let alone keep your head above the trials and tribulations it demands just to live there. Just fitting in a dental appointment to have a bit of work done can be difficult at times when you are busy, especially if you have lost a veneer, a crown or your bridge has come loose. BUT, it is things like CEREC that can make life easier for you and get you done and dusted in an hour if you have such problems with your teeth. Once you check-in for some work, your problem area will be scanned with some form of digital imaging and sent straight to the CEREC computer programme which will analyse the problem that you have and then design a new fitment. In the interim, the dentist will get you ready for you’re your new fitting: this will be made once the computer has sent the designs to a machine and have your new fitting made in a room next door. All of this is so quick and then once the new part has been made, it can be fitted within the time it takes to have your dinner break during work.


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