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Dec 22nd, 2010 Incredible Invisaligns from London W1 dentists straighten your teeth discreetly Get in touch

Metal braces have been relied upon in dentistry for many years to correct problems with tooth alignment. The system of metal brackets are wires are extremely effective but look unsightly and can be messy and difficult to clean, making eating difficult and social occasions awkward. The incredible new brace from Invisalign allows patients to have their teeth straightened effectively but with a product that is discreet and removable.

Invisalign braces are virtually see-through, leaving you smiling with confidence throughout the treatment time. Using 3D technology and digital x-rays, Invisalign braces are constructed individually for your unique mouth and gradually move your teeth into the desired position. Eating and drinking can be done without the Invisalign being worn. Just so long as the brace is worn for twenty two hours every day then straightening can be achieved.

Instead of using metal wires threaded through brackets which need to be tightened, your dentist will simply provide you with a new Invisalign when the last one has done its work. As your bite changes, regular appointments at the dentist will be necessary, in order for the new Invisalign to be constructed.

The increased aesthetic appeal of a brace that is virtually invisible is a huge bonus, especially for younger people who might feel awkward enough in social situations with metal brackets on their teeth. The removability makes cleaning, eating and drinking so much easier and Invisaligns are much more comfortable given that there is no more tightening of wires.

If you have alignment issues with your teeth, ask at your London W1 dentist to see if they are registered with Invisalign and take the first step towards improving your smile.

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