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Aug 4th, 2010 Inman Aligner and Invisalign; which is best? A City of London dentist advises Get in touch

The Inman aligner and the Invisalign braces are not exactly the same, says a City of London dentist. The one big difference is that the Inman Aligner isn’t much use at straightening the back teeth. Both are very good at what they do and the whole concept and design is a brilliant dental innovation. They start life as a session with your dentist who will take a series of digital pictures and digital X-rays. These are fed into a computer program that produces the entire individual process that you will go through in order to correct your misaligned teeth. An orthodontist makes a series of the specially designed braces, they look like a sporting gum shield and are worn over the teeth in much the same fashion. Here is where some other differences occur, especially in the way the springs and pulleys are incorporated into the inside of the brace. The Invisalign has all its pieces hidden on the inside, that way it is almost invisible to the naked eye and is how it gets its name. The Inman Aligner has some of its pieces on the inside and some on the inner back, it also has a thin bar holding it together, and this runs across the front so it isn’t that invisible. Both are also removable at any time for eating or cleaning of the teeth, they are changed every two weeks and your dentist will do this for you at a progress appointment where they will keep you up to date on the way it is progressing.

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