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Feb 14th, 2010 Inman aligner as explained by a City of London dentist Get in touch

An Inman aligner is a brace for all intent and purposes say a City of London dentist, it works in a slightly different way to other braces in that it used springs to bring badly aligned teeth back into formation. It is quite easy to have fitted, and is almost invisible except for the main bar that controls the devices pressure on the teeth. It is very similar to the Invisalign system in that the Inman appliance is also a removable device. It works by moving the misaligned teeth over a set time period. It operates by creating a force using a coiled spring on the inside of the set of teeth. It is attached to a bar that sits across the front of the teeth; this literally squeezes the teeth slowly into position by pulling, pushing and easing them into the required position of alignment. The treatment period is usually a lot shorter than that of the most common used of the invisible brace applications. Treatment periods can be eight to sixteen weeks or slightly longer in some extreme cases. The treatment period will be often determined by the length of time each day that the patient decides to wear the device. The Inman aligner brace can be taken off whenever the patient decides to remove it. It goes without saying though that the longer the patient wears it each day, the sooner they’ll see the end result. It is normally recommended for the patient to wear the aligner for up to 20 hours a day, that’s every day of course to get the quickest and best results. It isn’t suitable for every patient and a consultation with a dentist will also need some tests to be done, however the good news is that the system has a high success rate and more dentists are plumping for this method every year.

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