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Nov 13th, 2010 Inman aligners in London w.1 Get in touch

There are a lot of aligners and braces on the market in London’s W.1, each having their own advantages and disadvantages, each claiming to be better than the next, but is there one of them that lays claim to doing the job in as little as 6 weeks? Well the Inman Aligner does and in a very unique way, making it the choice of aligner for most adults. Because of its design and unique mechanism, it can only be used on teeth at the front of the mouth. A thin bar on the outside of the teeth applies external pressure, whilst a coiled spring on the inside operates in the opposite way. The soft, rocking movement this creates, ‘to and fro’, gently squeezes the teeth into place, very efficiently and rapidly. The aligner is also removable making it very hygienic and sociable, and unlike clear braces, there is only one aligner for the whole treatment. But for adults, it’s a godsend. Treatment time at the most is 16 weeks- that’s under 4 months out of the year to plan the treatment around holidays, weddings or Christmas, and starting at around £1400, it’s a very attractive option.

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