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Apr 15th, 2014 Intercepting Infections: Root Canal Therapy In W1 Get in touch

3982072_blogIf you have an infected tooth, root canal treatment can make the difference between keeping and losing the tooth. This procedure helps to stem the spread of infection through a tooth and is an excellent alternative to extraction.

The procedure

The aim of root canal treatment is to remove harmful bacteria from the root canals and prevent infection from spreading. This procedure is usually recommended when an infection has reached the pulp tissue; this is the living tissue of the tooth and once it is damaged or decayed, the blood supply is reduced and the tooth starts to die. Root canal treatment involves removing the decayed pulp tissue and then cleaning and sealing the root canals. Treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and although many patients are initially nervous on hearing the words root canal, most find that this a completely painless procedure. We have experience in treating nervous patients and our practice is Dental Phobia Certified.

Root canal treatment has many benefits and the overriding advantage is that it saves a tooth from being extracted. We always endeavour to do everything we can to save a tooth because missing teeth contribute to problems with oral health, as well as affecting the look of the smile and the ability to eat properly.

After root canal treatment, it is common to place a new crown over the tooth. This helps to make the tooth stronger and restores normal tooth function, so you can use that tooth to chew food without any pain. Crowns can be made from metals or porcelain, for a perfectly natural look.

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