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Oct 22nd, 2013 Invisalign: it’s brilliant in Central London Get in touch

2904346_blogHaving your teeth aligned can be quite a stressful time for some people and the idea of being decked-out with a lot of dowdy, fixed metal wires for years doesn’t sit too well with most people. But there are better alternatives around today that will help you avoid all of the stigma that is attached to traditional braces and one in particular that bucks the trend is Invisalign. Now you will have to be measured up first to see if this will work just-so for your problem teeth, but if it does and you can afford to have it done (it can be pricier than other treatments), if all goes well, you are in for a really enjoyable treat. It works a lot faster than other techniques- anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half, but time isn’t an issue here, for it has even greater advantages going on. When you are fitted with the first of several aligners, you have the luxury of them being removable and as long as you wear the device for at least 22 hours a day, you can take it out whenever in order to clean your teeth in a normal way, or whilst you are eating- it is that easy. However wearing it for this amount of time won’t ever pose a problem anyway; being made from a special clear plastic it will sit nigh-on invisibly in your mouth! Interested? Then call-up Mulberry Dental Care for more information about this wonder device; these people serve central London and can tell you all you need to know.

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