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Nov 14th, 2013 Invisalign just for the Teens of West London Get in touch

926323_sIf you have never come across Invisalign as a way of straightening your teeth, you should really give it a look first before opting for a treatment, especially if you are a teenager because the programme has a special arm for people of this age in west London- Invisalign Teen. Invisalign is already a unique system that comprises of a number of different clear and removable aligners. Being removable they are great for oral hygiene, being clear they are great for vanity and seeing as that they are swapped over regularly, they work fast. Now this is everything a teenager wants from orthodontics, but the ‘Teen’ system also throws in a few extras to cater for the needs of a young person. Seeing as teenagers can be wild and forgetful, ‘Teen’ offers up to six free aligners to replace any that may go astray over the course of the treatment. They also have a few built-in specialities; they comes blue dots that will gradually fade, telling you to change to the next aligner. They also have design features to cater for the way kid’s teeth grow and change. So come on gang, go out and get it!

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