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Oct 5th, 2008 Invisalign® System Available in London W1 Get in touch

The Invisalign® system has been available since the late 1990s, and is now available at your London W1 dentists’ office. They are a series of clear plastic “teeth aligners” fabricated using complex computer methodologies. Invisalign® is currently being used to move and straighten teeth, and have replaced many wire and bracket systems. Do they work? In addition to being indiscernible, this technique allows for better and more comfortable teeth movement. Typical treatment duration for the Invisalign® system is about 1 year as compared to 2-3 years for regular braces. However, there are restrictions, and these should not be a replacement for complete regular orthodontic therapies. The Invisalign® system is not to be used on partially erupted teeth, or very crowded teeth. Invisalign® is very popular and is asked for frequently.
You should first have a consultation with your London W1 dentist to determine if the result that you are looking for can be obtained with Invisalign®. Your dentist will perform a complete examination and X-rays, and will also take impressions of your mouth to be poured in white stone by the dental laboratory. These stone models will then be evaluated by a computer, which will plan your tooth movements and a series of 12-48 clear plastic aligners will be fabricated and sent back to your dentist’s office. You will then receive the first set of trays and your dentist will help you to snap them into place over your teeth. It will seem like it doesn’t fit right. These trays are made to fit accurately to the desired position of your new teeth set-up. After a short time, your teeth will reposition themselves to the newly guided position. Your teeth will be allowed to rest, giving time for your oral bone to remodel and help your teeth tighten slightly into the new position. This process is repeated until you reach the desired end-point of your tooth movement. You will probably be scheduled to visit the dentist once a month to check on your progress and get new trays.

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