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Nov 11th, 2010 Invisalign teen in west London Get in touch

For an adult, dental procedures deal with teeth that have already developed. But for a teenager, treatments are a lot more complex. Teeth are still growing and it is important to monitor this growth to protect the mouth’s occlusion or ‘bite’ in later life. Many of us have experienced braces and the psychological effects that they can have in the early years of being a teenager. Invisalign Teen treatment is an American product designed for growing teeth and helps remove the often scarring anxieties that can arise from traditional fixed metal braces. Invisalign is a clear, ‘invisible’ aligner that reduces dramatically treatment times (around a year), and is removable. Invisalign Teen treatment works the same way but promotes features designed around teenage lifestyles. (It’s easier to blend in freely with other classmates and general teenage activities if you are not drawing attention to yourself with a mouthful of metal!). After the treatment has begun, the wearer with be supplied with 4-5 aligners (one free one in case of loss) that should be changed when the blue indicator has faded (about 2 weeks) and a 6-weekly visit to the dentist is required to monitor the movement and supply new aligners. The aligner is worn around 22 hours a day, but another advantage is that it’s removable; great for eating and oral hygiene, but excellent for going out and dating!

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