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Dec 14th, 2012 Invisalign Teen: The joy of tooth alignment for youngsters in West London Get in touch

Invisalign has already proven itself to be one of the most radical treatments in the world of tooth alignment, though it will not work for every person: you need to be assessed first with a series of x-rays in order to see if this is the treatment for you. But if everything pans out okay, then you are going to have your teeth straightened without all of the hassle that all other treatments can cause. The biggest issue of all is how a brace/aligner looks; they can look ugly enough, but if you have to wear one for some time, that is doubling your woe. However, the ‘look’ isn’t an issue with Invisalign- it’s made from a transparent material, rendering it invisible to the outside world. The device can also be removed at any time, which is great when it comes to eating or brushing your teeth- Invisalign, the perfect device for all. However, the company has upped the anti even more by producing a special device for young people- the Teen version has come to west London! It works just the same but with a few extras. Invisalign Teen has the same number of devices to change as your teeth move, but the aligner has an indicator that lets you know when the next one needs to go in. This bespoke treatment aimed at teenagers also recognises that sometimes, you can take your aligner out and lose it. The package also comes with 6 free replacements if needed. But seeing as this time of life is fraught with new teeth coming through, the Teen device caters for new eruptions in the mouth that may occur during the treatment.

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