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Feb 4th, 2010 Is finding a Dentist that cares for you, as well as your mouth, really that hard asks a City of London dentist Get in touch

585983_blogWe all know about the bedside manner of doctors and the importance that such a relationship has on the treatment of the patient, but how often do we think about that same relationship when we think about a visit to the dentist. It may be that in the past dentists weren’t really thought of as physicians, and so we tend to think of them as the enemy rather than the ally they really are. A dentist in City of London prides himself on his own form of dental bedside manner; he says that it is important to have that relationship for a number of reasons. Many elderly people are nowadays reaping the benefit of dental advances and keeping their teeth much longer. This may be that they now consider the dentist a friend rather than the necessary evil of old. Most dentists will know and refer to their clients by their first name, as do most doctors, it is possibly because these days the patient feels little or no discomfort while getting a clean up, or more complicated treatment. The confidence factor is greatly enhanced when a dentist goes the extra mile to show some regard for their patients, and take an interest in what they do outside of the surgery. It not only helps the patient to feel trust in their dentist, it also means that a patient will be more likely to take heed of advice on dental care in the home. Preventative dentistry is as important as repairing the damage a poor regard has on the teeth and gums. If the patient considers that their dentist is a concerned friend then they are more inclined to act on advice, and this one factor in itself makes it all worthwhile.

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